From: April Huff <april.r.nelson@gmail.com>
Sent: Tuesday, February 15, 2022 6:16 PM
To: dharris@morgancountyga.gov; aainslie@morgancountyga.gov;
briden@morgancountyga.gov; pvonhanstein@morgancountyga.gov;
Subject: No to rivian


I wanted to email my opposition to the rivian plant. I do not believe that
most of the constituents here want to proceed with rivian. People live here
and came here for the way Morgan currently is, and are perfectly willing to
go elsewhere for a job or anything else otherwise. Most everyone would like
to keep Morgan just as it has been. The county has historically been against
a lot of development, please do not change course now.

Thank you,

April Huff
District 5

From: Anna-Marie Parillo <annamarie.parillo@yahoo.com>
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Cc: No2rivian Info <info@no2rivian.org>
Date: Tuesday, February 15, 2022 3:06 PM

I am in strong opposition of Rivian being put near the town I live in, Social Circle, GA. You see I am a fifth generation Atlantan. My great great grandparents lived in the heart of downtown Atlanta off of Boulevard when my grandfather was a young boy. My grandparents lived off of Gresham Rd when my mother was young and moved out from there from years 60’s-90’s down 1-20. Each time moving because the places they lived were crowded, too much traffic, crime, etc. I am 41 years old and you know what, I am tired of moving from the traffic, the noise, the pollution, the crime. I am TIRED of it and so were my grandparents and so were my parents. That is why four years ago my husband and I decided to move to Social Circle to get away from the hustle and bustle.Contrary to many politician’s beliefs, people would rather have the lifestyle that my family and I seek. My grandparents moved here in the 80’s for what they called ” country living”. Our childhood was full of jumping rocks in creeks, go cart rides in my grandfather’s field, star gazing at night, listening to the cricket’s chirp in the evenings. I want my children to have the same experience I did growing up. To be able to do these things, but if this monstrosity of a plant is built here, they were will never experience these things. Because a few money hungry elected officials want to line their pockets, my children will miss out on this and it is not right. Take a look at your own families, would you do this and ruin their childhoods too. Rest assured that if you allow this to be passed, you will NOT be reelected when you are up for re- election. Your constituents are tired of you trying to make money for your own gain, while not paying attention and listening to the people who elected you to your position. Please think long and hard about your decisions before making them for the sake of your reputations and this community that you were elected to represent.

Anna LaFavor

From: Jennifer Payne <jpayne@conlancompany.com>
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Subject: Rivian Automotive
Date: Tuesday, February 15, 2022 2:02 PM

Governor Kemp,

I am a resident of Rutledge, GA in Morgan County. My home is within 2 miles of the proposed site and I am writing to express my opposition to this development. First, let me be clear that I am not opposed to development. I have been employed for the last 25 years by one of the largest commercial contractors in the State, was even a subcontractor on the Baxter Pharmaceuticals project (Now Takeda) when it was constructed and understand that development is inevitable. When I moved to Rutledge in the summer of 2020, I was aware of the Stanton Springs North property and future development area which had been represented as approximately 700 acres in Walton County. I knew that another Takeda, another Facebook was possible. What I couldn’t have imagined is the largest development ever in the State of Georgia and from what I can find the largest industrial development in the country. Knowing development, I know that this will forever change my community. Below is a list of community concerns and I know that this in no way covers all of the possible impacts:

– Non-compliance with the Morgan County Comprehensive plan which proposed this area to remain agricultural

– Environmental impacts to existing water supply, existing streams, existing water discharge area, loss of tree canopy, and loss of animal habitat

– Increased light Pollution, noise pollution, air pollution and potential hazardous waste associated with not only the plant but also increased rail service for the facility

– Negative impact to historic cities of Rutledge and Social Circle

– Negative environmental impact to Hard Labor Creek State Park – Georgia State University has already confirmed the plant’s lighting could negativity impact their observatory at Hard Labor Creek and likely cause it to be inoperable

– Need for increased infrastructure from surrounding counties to handle not only water, wastewater, power; but also, landfill needs that cannot be supported currently

– Tax Increases to support infrastructure needs and population growth

– Additional unwanted development to the area to support employees – apartments, housing, restaurants, shopping, hotels, gas stations

– Increased auto traffic to an area with minimal infrastructure

– Increased truck traffic to an area with minimal infrastructure

– Increased crime in the area due to a substantial population increase and lack of law enforcement resources

Many of these are defined in the Regional Impact Report generated by the Northeast Georgia Regional Commission and the letter issued by the Madison – Morgan Conservancy which I have attached. Both of these reports do a good job at identifying the potential risk and need for additional information and studies before impact can be determined.

I’m sure you are aware that the community was blindsided by your announcement that Rivian was coming to the site at Stanton Springs. The size of this project is too substantial to have been a surprise to the citizens of that area. Our elected officials should not be patting themselves on the back for a job well done but should feel shame for the impact that something of this size will have on this rural area. Increased property values, boost to the economy, financial growth can all be touted; but in reality, in no way will this development make this community better – it will destroy this “small but special” place.

I urge you to take this letter of opposition into consideration the same as you do those of support.


Jennifer Payne

From: Mark OKelley <Mark.OKelley@bd.com>
To: info@no2rivian.org <info@no2rivian.org>
Subject: OPPOSED
Date: Tuesday, February 15, 2022 12:21 PM

I moved to Morgan County in 2019 to escape the madness and overcrowding in neighboring Newton County in which I lived for over 20 years. I picked the town of Rutledge due to its peaceful, friendly, laidback country feel. The cotton and hay fields that dot the area in which I live are a welcoming site and add to the ruralness in which I have chosen to make my home. If I had known the farmland up the road was being considered or more than likely already a done deal, I would not have chosen this area to call home. Fast-forward: I adamantly OPPOSE Rivian or any other manufacturing facility that the JDA or Morgan County is trying to impose on me. It’s beyond me that you would even consider a facility of this magnitude without considering the people that live in or around the surrounding area. Not to mention that the proposed site is being built right on top of one the largest ground water recharge areas in Morgan County. I live one mile from the proposed site on Davis Academy Rd. and can only imagine the traffic, noise and the sky being lit up at night from this monstrosity. My homes value will dramatically decrease, I mean who in their right mind would want to live this close to a 20,000,000 sqft. concrete jungle. Would YOU? Morgan County needs to remove its partnership within the JDA and go back to serving your community and constituents.

In closing, I love Morgan County and all it has to offer. I’m not opposed to progress or creating jobs for Georgians. I just believe that there is a more suitable place for this facility. As a Morgan County resident and taxpayer, I’m asking you to vote NO on the rezoning of said properties affiliated with Rivian or any other industry in the future at this location.


Mark OKelley

From: Katie Vason <katie.vason@gmail.com>
To: info@no2rivian.org
Subject: Letter
Date: Monday, February 14, 2022 9:18 PM

As many of us are well aware of by now, Brian Kemp signed a $5 billion deal with California-based Rivian, an Electric vehicle company. The proposed 20,000,000 Sq ft Rivian EV factory is set to be built on 2,000 acres of pristine woods and farmland across Morgan, Jasper, Newton, and Walton Counties. This is a disaster in the making. This unprecedented project is the size of 347 football fields- 3x’s larger than Disneyland and 4x’s larger than Vatican City. The Lack of transparency and communication from local government and political leaders has completely blindsided the community; this had been in the works for years, no one was informed about it, all decisions were made in secrecy without ANY public input. The factory is being built on top of the groundwater recharge area which threatens the domestic drinking water for the entire area.

My father, Wayne Vason, and I founded the Madison-Morgan Conservancy more than 20 years ago. As a high school student at the time, I grew up witnessing the toll and destruction of urban sprawl when traveling back and forth between Atlanta and Madison. Even then, I felt compelled to protect the quality of life of beautiful Morgan County as did my Dad; Hence, with support from like-minded folks, the Madison-Morgan Conservancy was born. We anticipated growth back then, but never in our wildest dreams could we ever fathom the disastrous deal that is the proposed Rivian Industrial Park.

The impact of this on the local community will alter the quality of life for residents forever. If Rivian is looking to be a sustainable ESG-focused company whose mission is to make a positive impact on the future, There are so many acres of vacant industrial lots closer to city hubs and ports, cleaning up and re-using that land would be the true environmental win.

Why not choose a former industrial site closer to Atlanta or another transportation hub, such as a port-city? This proposed project of unprecedented proportions implicates several problems. Among them are:

* JDA money handling and secrecy

* Rivian avoiding groundwater studies, claiming financial hardships- why allow a company to completely alter the land when not financially stable?

* Ongoing Investigation into Rivian with serious charges- The investigation concerns whether Rivian and certain of its officers and/or directors have violated federal securities law

* Location right on top of the groundwater recharge area – very concerned about contamination of our water source

* Massive Traffic Issues – adding an additional 10,000 cars to the roads a day with no infrastructure to support it

* Noise and light pollution

* Urban sprawl. Industrial zoning is being proposed on land currently designated as agricultural in the Comprehensive Land Use Plan which is set until 2035. If this goes through, it would change the entire face of Morgan County and the surrounding areas.

The Northeast Georgia Regional Commission (NEGRC) recently released a Development of Regional Impacts Final Report (DRI) on this project, which makes it clear that such a plant is not a suitable fit. The DRI warns against the likelihood of “hazardous waste such as paints, solvents, adhesives, batteries…that are typical of such manufacturing facilities.” The DRI further states the obvious: This project is not consistent with the Comprehensive Plan of Morgan County, nor does it align with the NEGRC’s Regional Plan. From the DRI: “The project will generate new demand for infrastructure in a part of Morgan County where new infrastructure has not been planned. New infrastructure may attract further development that could be at odds with the rural and agricultural nature of the Character Area.”

The bottom line in all of this: if the planning commissioners vote to allow rezoning in the Comprehensive plan (hearings happening late February and early March) from industrial to agricultural, the entire area is lost to industrial development. Quality of life will plummet and Morgan County will become like every other county consumed by urban sprawl. Another Conyers, another Gwinnett County.

This will not happen slowly. A project of this size will change the county overnight. Already land grabs are happening all over with the anticipation of rezoning.

All of these problems will be irreversible brought to us by a company that is financially unstable. Who’s to say this massive project won’t shut down in two years, leaving a gaping wound on the land?

I found the following quote on Rivian’s website: “To build the kind of future our kids and our kids’ kids deserve, extraordinary steps must be taken to stop the carbonization of our atmosphere.” I would say the same applies to protecting farmland, forests, and ecosystems.

My plea to Rivian and public officials who have an ounce of courage to stand up for the people they represent:

Please do not convert rural farmland into an industrial mega-site.

Please REUSE existing industrial sites in Georgia or elsewhere.


Katie Vason