We elected our county commissioners to represent us, the people who vote and reside in our towns and counties. Who told our county commissioners to sell out our rural paradise and convert it into a wasteland of factories and sprawl ?

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Morgan County (Population: 20,000 County Seat: Madison)
Morgan County Board of Commissioners
District 1, Donald Harris,
District 2, Andy Ainslee,
District 3 & Chair, Ben Riden,
District 4, Philip von Hanstein,
District 5 & Vice Chair, Bill Kurtz,

Walton County (Population: 97,000 County Seat: Monroe)
Walton County Board of Commissioners
Chair, David Thompson,
District 1, Bo Warren,
District 2, Mark Banks,
District 3, Timmy Shelnutt,
District 4, Lee Bradford,
District 5, Jeremy Adams,
District 6, Kirklyn Dixon,

Newton County (Population: 112,000 County Seat: Covington)
Newton County Board of Commissioners
Chair, Marcello Banes,
District 1, Stan Edwards,
District 2, T. Demond Mason,
District 3, Alana Sanders,
District 4, J.C. Henderson,
District 5, Ronnie Cowan,

Jasper County (Population: 15,000 County Seat: Monticello)
Jasper County Board of Commissioners
District 1, Sheila Jones,
District 2, Bruce Henry,
District 3, Don Jernigan,
District 4, Gerald Stunkel,
District 5, Steven Ledford,