This can be a win/win for everybody. We are not AGGINERS. We are FOR these alternatives:

1. Protect and preserve our unique four-county area composed of small towns, rural life & natural environment that are second to none anywhere in Georgia.

2. Show existing alternative industrial sites to Rivian in Georgia—without destroying everything that rural Georgians hold dear—that are outside our four-county area so that Rivian and the Governor can achieve their goal of bringing this Rivian plant to Georgia.

3. Expand our efforts into a national movement to (i) radically weaken state-sponsored local economic development commissions and (ii) protect and preserve small towns, rural life & natural environment in counties throughout the United States. No place should be subjected to the threat of sudden destruction by the decisions behind closed doors in the dead of night by a small clique of short-sighted, bull-headed people headed by an unelected “Economic Development Officer”.

4. Abolish our dastardly Four County Joint Development Authority.