10 actions you can take NOW!

1. Show up at all public meetings & hearings and make vocal public comment to stop the rezoning and other official acts NOW. We will keep you informed of times and places.
2. Donate at our Crowd-Funding site to help pay for lawyers and other expenses. Every dollar counts in our fight to say NO to Rivian!
3. Sign our Petition NOW!
4. Send emails to State, County Commissioners, Towns & Joint Development Authority members NOW.
5. Subscribe here to receive our news & updates – It’s FREE!
6. Put a sign in your front yard immediately (not in public right of way). If anyone tears down, sue them PERSONALLY for trespass, destruction of your property, and violation of your constitutional right of free speech (government officials).
7. Forward this website to your family and friends and urge them to pass along immediately.
8. Post this link on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & other social-media pages immediately.
9. Write news releases, letters to editor, and op-ed articles for publication in local newspapers and on this website.
10. At upcoming elections vote against everyone who has voted for, or supports, this Rivian project. Throw the scoundrels out of office!