The planned Rivian plant in Georgia will be FIVE TIMES larger than the one shown above in Illinois!

Rivian wants to build a gigantic electric-truck/auto assembly plant in Morgan & Walton Counties adjacent to Newton and Jasper Counties that will forever destroy our small towns, rural life & natural environment. Rivian has already gotten options through the Joint Development Authority on thousands of acres of rural land just outside our small towns of Madison, Rutledge, and Social Circle and is applying to rezone for industrial use. They are seeking waiver of environmental impact studies before rezoning in order to circumvent environmental constraints until too late to object. Save our small towns, rural life & natural environment! Make your views known immediately! Act now! Say NO to Rivian!

Source: Morgan County Citizen

Above: Tesla auto assembly plant, Fremont, California, on 370 acres of desert-like land with urban sprawl in the background. The Rivian assembly plant will be more than 5 TIMES bigger on 2,000 acres of pristine verdant rural Georgia countryside in the midst of exquisite historic small Georgia towns. The Rivian plant and inevitable surrounding growth will destroy our rural life and turn us into a part of the megalopolis known as Atlanta. It too was once a wonderful town in which to live.

Above: Site of proposed Rivian plant in our beautiful rural Georgia.

Moo Cow says:
“They want to convert our pristine rural environment of pastures, ponds,
woodlands, wildlife habitat, and historic small towns

into millions of square feet of factories covering thousands of acres of land

expanded by tens of thousands of people, huge subdivisions and shopping centers, strangling traffic, urban sprawl, and environmental decay & destruction. We live here for our small towns, rural land, and safe, unhurried way of life. We don’t want to be Atlanta!”